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Are you looking to streamline your business operations, reduce overhead costs, and access a global pool of skilled professionals? Look no further! Crivitz Global Services is a premier staff outsourcing service dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive range of outsourcing services is designed to empower your organization to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.


Virtual Assistance: Welcome

We provide services of virtual employee management, recruiting, and human resource functions to help you start, scale, and run your offshore team.

A collaborative group providing operational and administrative support for enhanced productivity and efficiency

Additional team for operational or administrative support

Flexible offshore staffing solutions, ranging from individual professionals to dedicated teams, to meet diverse business needs

Offshore staff (starting from one person to a whole team)

Empower your workforce by transforming or expanding your existing team for increased capabilities and success

Transform/Expand an existing team

Expert teams ready to tackle new or existing projects with proficiency and precision

Skilled teams for new or existing projects

Your company determines how much involvement and contribution best suits your business. Either way, you can rest assured for our round the clock support to help you and your team at every step of the way

Financial Benefits of Virtual Staffing

The most significant benefit of hiring offshore staff with Crivitz is the considerable financial savings that are achieved. Offshore staffing helps you to minimize your costs of salaries and overhead expenses - sometimes, more than 80%

Achieve significant cost savings, reducing employment expenses by over 80%




While saving on employee wage and overhead costs, our clients also eliminate the time and resource burden of active employee management, while also reducing the turnover rate.

Are you looking for Business Process Outsourcing?

Crivitz also provides process or operations outsourcing services!

​You get your own team, which reports directly to you, allowing you to remain in absolute control of the business and team. You will also be in control of the composition, criteria and design of how we hire your offshore staff, as you handpick your team. Team's work, tasks assigning is managed by you while being supported by us. The employees we hire become true extension to your existing team, which can be utilised for all kind of operation handling/ task completion. You can also get completed, the processes and functions like data entry, call handling etc. by hiring dedicated employees with us, simultaneously being in budget and not stressing your business expenses. We are unique and better than the other business outsourcing providers, and we can prove it by helping you build your excellent team!

Modern Office Building

With Crivitz, you are hiring an offshore staff that is dedicated and highly qualified in one or multiple positions. Our headquarters are stated in India - a country that is frequently chosen by Major companies for all their staff outsourcing and offshore staffing needs

No binding contracts or major upfront commitment, zero recruitment charges, no hassle. Just a fixed monthly payment 

When you create an offshore team with Crivitz, you don't have to get bound in any major contracts, no need to pay major upfront setup costs, or recruitment charges. You will receive all of the following benefits, with only one fixed monthly payment. 

Guaranteed savings on payroll

Experience lower employee turnover rates with our effective strategies and suppor

Reduced Employee Turnover rate

Streamline your operations by entrusting HR functions to us, saving you valuable time and resources

Save time on  HR functions, 
we handle it 

Access our services anytime, as we are available around the clock, 24/7

24/7 Employment possibility

Highly skilled and productive employees

Elevate your business with heightened productivity and enhanced profitability

Increased productivity & profitability

Blurred Office Interior


  • Designers

  • Developers

  • Personal Assistants

  • Engineers

  • Tech Support

  • Analysts

  • Traveling Assistant

  • Accountants

  • Legal Assistants

  • Customer Service Representatives

  • Chat, phone or email support

       and many more!

Handshake in the Office

How the Offshore Hiring Process Works

Compiling your qualification needs

Our recruiters will help you determine which qualities and qualifications are most important for your team to have

Evaluating the handpicked candidates

Every candidate is evaluated through intensive interviews and background checks. We also incluse any extra steps, tests or process that you require.

You Interview the qualified candidates

After evaluation and selection on our end, we send you selected CVs and schedule video interviews according to your schedule.

We Start building your offshore team

Your offshore staff will be located at our facilities and will be provided with required infrastructure, tools, technology and much more.


Built on Excellence and Customer Demand

We always put our clients first. Our services are customize-able and flexible as per our client's specific demands.


When you decide to work with Crivitz, you get to take advantage of services that are available 24/7. We help our clients by handling their work while they sleep, or at the time of Weekends.


Our Employees have been carefully selected in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. They’re professional, responsible, personable, and ready to be a part of your team.


We Invest and Innovate in technology to help our clients achieve their goals. We Never step back, and keep looking for ways to drive value and efficiency for our team and our clients.


Working with Crivitz, reduces costs of hiring employees and maintaining office facilities. Working with us makes a major cost cutting effect on businesses. Our services are efficient and worth.

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