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Benefits of Working with Crivitz to hire your offshore team

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No binding contracts or major upfront commitment, zero recruitment charges, no hassle. Just a fixed monthly payment 

When you create an offshore team with Crivitz, you don't have to get bound in any major contracts, no need to pay major upfront setup costs, or recruitment charges. You will receive all of the following benefits, with only one fixed monthly payment. 

Guaranteed savings on payroll

24/7 Employment possibility

Ability to deal Globally, we are available 24/7

Reduced Employee Turnover rate

Highly skilled and productive employees

Fully Equipped office facility for your teams

Save time on  HR functions, 
we handle it 

Increased productivity & profitability

Real-time connection with your team

Complete Transparency

Customizable team structure

Experts help  you to manage your team

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